GCTV: Steve Adazzio Monday

Steve Adazzio talks about the hit

Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio made it perfectly clear Monday that if anyone wants to point a finger of blame for the concussion All-American quarterback Tim Tebow suffered, point it at him. Addazio met with the press following Monday’s practice and he was peppered with questions about what happened on the play when Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham was untouched by any Florida offensive lineman when he launched himself at Tebow Saturday night, knocking Tebow backward and into the knee of Florida right tackle Marcus Gilbert. Florida’s medical staff determined that the concussion was caused by the knee to the back of the head, not by the helmet-to-face mask hit by Wyndham.

Addazio was asked if left tackle Matt Patchan missed his assignment since Wyndham came in from that side of the line and Addazio said no, that was not the case. Questions continued to pour in from the media that if Patchan didn’t miss an assignment, who did? Addazio explained that there were a lot of circumstances involved in the play but if you want to point a finger at someone for doing something wrong, that the buck stops with the offensive coordinator.