GC gets a Gator Guru in “PD”

David “PD” Parker is known by many names; one of the original GC writers, prolific poster on the GC Insider Forums and a few others nobody dare say to his face. No matter what you might call him, Gator Country called PD home and he’s coming to a column near you.

Yes, that’s right, PD is now a contributing columnist, bringing his considerable connections, knowledge and insight to Gator Country — all for your reading pleasure. PD has been writing, talking and posting about the Gators since the early 80s and there are few in the Gator Nation who do not know him.

Gator Country is tickled orange and blue to have him join our band of brothers (and one sister). In fact, we’re so happy to have him here, we wrote a limerick for those of you into that sort of thing.

Read it and you’ll get an idea of what he’ll be writing for us. And stay tuned for more announcements over the coming week!

An Ode to PD

Once upon a time

On a website that’s here to stay

There wrote an analytical humorist named PD

Though not every day.

His columns came, his columns went

To another site that, sadly, is through

Nonetheless PD is and always will be

A Gator Guru

He’ll be penning

His Picks and His Pans

There’ll be postulations galore

For our many, rabid fans

Get ready Gators Countrians

To Chomp the Numbers with PD

He’s finally come back home

To write for GC

Quick Bio:

One of the original columnists when Gator Country first premiered, David “PD” Parker has been following and writing about the Gators since the 80s. From his years of regular contributions as a member of Gator Country to his weekly columns as a partner of the popular defunct niche website Gator Gurus, PD has become known in Gator Nation for his analysis, insight and humor on all things Gators related.