Gators boast top graduation rates

The NCAA recently released the latest graduation rate data and the Florida Gators showed up on top compared to their peers in the state and the Southeastern Conference in several sports.

The NCAA has been pushing for an average graduation “success” rate (GSR) of 80% for all Division I schools and the Gators are keeping up with that trend, exceeding it in many areas.

The NCAA developed the GSR two years ago because the federal graduation rate does not credit institutions with student-athletes who leave in good academic standing or for transfers into the school who graduate. The GSR accounts for both of those transfer groups, which has resulted in a more accurate depiction of student-athlete academic success, since it captures about 35 percent more students than the federal methodology.

The GSR data for the 1996-99 four-class aggregate show that in addition to the increase for the entire division, the GSR for male student-athletes has risen from 69 percent to 70 percent. The GSR for female student-athletes remains steady at 86 percent.

All three Division I subdivisions also realized percentage-point jumps. Schools with football in the Bowl Subdivision went from 77 to 78 percent, schools with football in the Championship Subdivision went from 73 to 74 percent.

“The goal of 80 percent GSR is not an ‘official’ NCAA goal, but one that I think stretches us but can be accomplished,” Brand said. “Division I is close to that goal now at 77 percent, and these data do not reflect the current academic reforms Division I has adopted in the last three years. I believe the 80-percent target for the entire division is attainable in the near future,” said NCAA President Myles Brand.

Gators vs. SEC

In the Southeastern conference (see chart below), Gator Football checks in at #2 with an 80% GSR with Vanderbilt at the top with 92%.

In men’s basketball, the Gators are #1 with a 100% GSR and Vanderbilt second at 82%. In women’s basketball, the Gators also share the #1 spot at 100% with Arkansas, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee.

In baseball, the Gators are #2 at 82% with Vanderbilt at #1 with a 100% GSR.

Gators vs. In-State rivals

In football, the Gators sit high atop the GSR perch with Florida State at 52%, Miami at 68%, UCF at 42%, and USF at 66%.

As for men’s basketball, the Gators are also high atop everyone else with Florida State at 75%, Miami 69%, UCF 75%, and USF 44%.

In women’s basketball, the Gators share the lead with Miami at 100% with Florida State at 79%, UCF 92%, and USF 73%.

Finally, in baseball the Gators share the top with FSU at 80%. Miami checks in at 56%, UCF 70%, and USF 71%.

SEC and In-State Schools GSR Chart

SEC Football Men’s

hoops Women’s

hoops Baseball

Alabama 44 73 50 60

Arkansas 55 47 100 47

Auburn 63 64 76 38

Florida 80 100 100 82

Georgia 41 9 75 48

Kentucky 55 33 67 55

LSU 49 40 62 42

Mississippi 58 54 80 73

Mississippi St. 57 62 75 67

South Carolina 64 70 81 66

Tennessee 58 18 100 60

Vanderbilt 92 82 100 100

Other Florida Schools Football Men’s

hoops Women’s

hoops Baseball

Florida State 52 75 79 80

Miami 68 69 100 56

UCF 42 75 92 70

USF 66 44 73 71

Source: NCAA