Gators Tweets of the Week 1.20.13

It’s Sunday so that means the latest edition of the “Gators Tweets of the Week” has arrived.

We have already highlighted several Florida Gators tweets in the wake of Thursday’s coaching changes, but wanted to feature the best of the rest as well such as players weighing in on Manti Te’o’s situation or the “eat off” between quarterback Jeff Driskel and offensive lineman Trip Thurman, which Driskel won.

This week’s Tweet of the Week goes to defensive end sophomore-to-be Jonathan Bullard, who posted this one Saturday after visiting with coach Will Muschamp:

Jonathan Bullard ‏‪@JBullard90 Just had great talk with champ 2013 gators going to be CRAZY !!!!! GRIND STARTS NOW !!!

Now, on to the rest of this week’s Gators tweets:

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Yeah ‪#mama def had me jumping a bit in the theater…. On that note! I def. want to see ‪#thecall and ‪#identitytheif

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
Poker Night wit my fam!!!

Jaylen Watkins ‏‪@jwat14
Gator BBall the real deal!

Max Garcia ‏‪@Macweez73
Great win for the home team !

Trey Burton #⃣8⃣ ‏‪@TreyBurton8
OHHH NOOOOOO ‪@BigPatYoung4!!! Hahahahahaha

Heim ‏‪@UFHeim (Rhaheim Ledbetter)
Wanna give a S/O to my boy ‪@MitchellUF getting ready to be a DAD…. Love ya Bro

Jonathan Bullard ‏‪@JBullard90
S/O to my boy ‪@MitchellUF getting ready to be a daddy !! Congrats bro

Alex McCalister ‏‪@McCalisterr
O Dome Live

Colin Thompson ‏‪@ColinThompsonUF
The guy announcing at the stanley cup presentation definitely did a Mighty Ducks movie

Lrg Sosaaaa ! ‏‪@MrLrgJack_44 (Leon Orr)
That top lip a lil fury , girl I got some worries !

Matt Jones™ ‏‪@mattjonesrb
It Ain’t Easy.. And I Don’t Want It That Way!!

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
That moment you wake up realizing you missed a fun night out-__-

Max Garcia ‏‪@Macweez73
Packed house tonight for gator gymnastics ‪#GoGators ‪

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
My homeboy is cool with Manti. I know the truth! Lol

Ben Peacock ‏‪@peacock247
And they start the eat off ‪@jeffdriskel ‪@TripThurman63 the official judge is the official ‪@TMJ114 himself ‪

Drew Ferris ‏‪@D_ferriswheel46
Strange collection of folk on my flight to ‪#vegas ‪#foreigners ‪#hustlers ‪#conartists

Quinton Dunbar ‏‪@QuintonDunbar1
I ain’t choose this life this life chose me. I got some homies who really fit tat sentence it’s crazy

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
Manti makin us Polynesians look bad. Smh idk about them, but my girlfriend is REAL! Str8 up!

Renegade ‏‪@humphries_dj
Can’t handle this today nothing’s going right ‪#notonebit

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
Goes 2 show w/the Armstrong and Manti scandals, that God won’t let U get away w/anything. Anything being covered will never remain covered!

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
Takin my mid day poop session.

Jeff Driskel ‏‪@jeffdriskel
Saw someone get a ticket for J-walking across university today. I guess it is a real crime ‪#whoknew?

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Archer… On a scooter? That’s a negative that wind is whippin’ ‪#cuttingglass

Jonathan Bullard ‏‪@JBullard90
Good workout ! and NO CLASS great day

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Slow start this AM but it won’t stop me from continuing the mission to success! ‪#gatorgrind ‪#GatorNation ‪#wakeywakey ‪#earlybird

Colin Thompson ‏‪@ColinThompsonUF
Johnny Manziel would probably be a really good point guard ‪#JohnnyBball

Quinton Dunbar ‏‪@QuintonDunbar1
Manti teo gone have more money than 90% of yall………. Moral of the story joking on that man ain’t gone get ya paid still gone be broke

dante fowler ‏‪@TheDanteFowler6
Trying to keep my head above water, we pirates out here, just trying to stay afloat . ‪#thats how im feeling right now

Trey Burton #⃣8⃣ ‏‪@TreyBurton8
I just screamed the whole scooter ride home… ‪#snow ‪#windy ‪#wet

Max Garcia ‏‪@Macweez73
Is it frowned upon to order two omelets in one visit at Gator D ? ‪#ButForreal

Trey Burton #⃣8⃣ ‏‪@TreyBurton8
Just walked in this class and people are in the front smelling plants

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Chick just grabbed my arm and asked if I was Haitian …. I’m Jamaican -__- no their not the same…. ‪#touched

®aph Andrades™ ‏‪@poloRAPHlauren
Thanking God for another day of the grind. ‪#iwontstop

Brian Poole ‏‪@JustPooleN_It
I Got Better Already Today..! ‪#Grind

Jaylen Watkins ‏‪@jwat14
I’m over here dying reading these Teo tweets

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