Gator Futures: Brian Poole

Over the next several weeks will visit with members of the 2012 signing class for Florida and ask them several questions to let the fans get to know the future Gators before they arrive on campus.

For the first edition of “Gator Futures,” Spivey tackles Bradenton (Fla.) Southeast cornerback Brian Poole. He talks about everything from the positives and negatives of the recruiting process to who may be his roommate and what number he plans to wear at UF.

Be sure to check back with Gator Country for more “Gator Futures” in the weeks ahead.

Andrew Spivey: Why did you end up choosing Florida?

Brian Poole: Florida was the best of both worlds. They had great academics and a good football program.

Andrew Spivey: What was the craziest thing you heard during the recruiting process?

Brian Poole: Everyone was promising me stuff. But the craziest would be the negative recruiting against Florida. One coach told me that all of Florida’s players transfer.

Andrew Spivey: What was the best recruiting pitch that was told to you by a college coach?

Brian Poole: The best recruiting pitch I heard was that I wasn’t going to be given anything — that I had to earn everything.

Andrew Spivey: What was the best recruiting pitch that Will Muschamp had for you?

Brian Poole: He really didn’t have to sell Florida. Florida sells itself. But he kept telling me that they needed help on the back end of the defense.

Andrew Spivey: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Brian Poole: The whole thing was great. Everyone was catering to me and treating me good.

Andrew Spivey: What was the worst part of the recruiting process?

Brian Poole: The phone calls got overwhelming at times. And having to tell a coach ‘no,’ even though most of the time they had a feeling it was coming.

Andrew Spivey: If you could give advice to other prospects for the future what would it be?

Brian Poole: Make your own decision and do what’s best for you, not anyone else.

Andrew Spivey: Do you have a pregame ritual?

Brian Poole: I have to listen to music. I always have Rick Ross on my iPod with the song “It’s my time.”

Andrew Spivey: What’s your favorite pump-up movie?

Brian Poole: When I was at Southeast, I would watch the 1992 and 1993 highlight films. That was when they won back to back state championships.

Andrew Spivey: What’s your goal for next year as a freshman?

Brian Poole: I want to be a SEC freshman all-American.

Andrew Spivey: Blue or orange?

Brian Poole: Orange, because I’ll wear orange gear next year.

Andrew Spivey: Do you have a message to send to Florida fans?

Brian Poole: I’m ready to get in and get to work for the Gators.

Andrew Spivey: Who is going to be your roommate next year?

Brian Poole: I’m not 100 percent, but I think I’m rooming with Bryan Cox Jr.

Andrew Spivey: What number are you going to wear?

Brian Poole: I’m going to wear No. 24.

Andrew Spivey: Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

Brian Poole: Everyone follow me on twitter at @JustPooleN_it. It gets interesting on there.

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