Gators Tweets: Best of #FSUHateWeek

If you’re a Florida Gators fan and you’re on Twitter, then you probably already know what the #FSUHateWeek hashtag is all about.

If not, Twitter is a social media platform where users can “tweet” 140 character messages to their followers. OK, so most everyone who hasn’t been thawed out by scientists recently already should know that and all about Twitter in general.

If you know about Twitter, but are not a member because you refuse to waste your day reading others tweets or because you’re simply too busy or because one of the 146,742 other reasons people do not tweet (such as Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who said he “doesn’t Twitter” this week) then let me explain hashtags.

Hashtags are words or phrases crammed together after a pound symbol (#) that allow people to search under said hashtag to find everything in the Twitterverse that people are tweeting about in a specific subject. For instance, burned-out actor Charlie Sheen made the hashtag #winning famous when he was infamously fired from Two and a Half Men, which was the No. 1 sitcom at the time. #losing

For the purposes of this write up, the hashtag #FSUHateWeek has been stedily gaining steam this past week. It means exactly what it says. It’s for folks to tweet about why they hate Florida State heading into the Gators’ 3:30 p.m. game against the Seminoles in Tallahassee on Saturday.

While some Florida football fans simply used the hashtag to express their hatred for their in-state rivals, others showed their sense of humor by cracking jokes about the Florida State Seminoles.

Although a few were not suitable for young readers, many were “*LOL” funny so we figured we would share the best ones here. *LOL means “Laugh Out Loud” in text and Twitter-speak, for those still thawing out.

Without further nonsense, here are the tweets. Usernames are followed by the actual tweets:


Q: What are the best three years of an ‪#FSU fan’s life? A: 4th grade. ‪#FSUHateWeek ‪#GoGators


I heard FSU was moving to the big east so they don’t have to play those “tough” football teams like NC State ‪#FSUHateWeek


What does an FSU fan do when the Noles win a national championship? Sigh and turn off the Xbox ‪#FSUHateWeek


Directions to Tally from G’ville: North on I-75 until you catch a whiff, then West on I-10 until the stench overwhelms you. ‪#fsuHATEweek


Their most famous alumnus is Richard Simmons ‪#FSUhateweek


I would be doing more for ‪#FSUHateWeek if I didn’t go to a school that required work to get a degree. ‪#GoGators

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