Fan Take: Watching the quarterbacks

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First off, the most important thing was the comment from Champ: “We can win a Chmpionship with these guys.” Obviously, he didn’t say we could win one this year, but for a coach that doesn’t pull any punches (and some of his other comments Saturday proved that), this was big-time praise. He obviously has a lot of faith in these two. My other thoughts:

1. Both quarterbacks looked very, very comfortable in the pocket. Now, they were in red jerseys, but I’ve watched enough games, to know that doesn’t really make that much difference.

2. They were comfortable in their reads and progressions.

3. They were confident in their receivers getting open and catching the damn football.

4. They threw the ball very well. They still need some work in leading their wide receivers, but for the most part did a very good job in hitting their receivers in stride. I have a feeling that Brent Pease has worked mostly on their reads and progressions and getting the ball to the receiver. There will be increased focus on getting the ball in the right place.

5. They threw the screen well, especially the throwback screen. This is essential. The screen and throwback screen are essential aspects of the Boise State offense as it employs a lot of misdirection. Any quarterback in this system has to execute and throw the screen ball well.

6. Jacoby Brissett hesitated a couple of times down near the goal line. Jeff Driskel didn’t get those passes, but that is something most any young quarterback needs work on. Brissett made one nice pass early to Dunbar, but the decision making has to be instant down there. So there is certainly room for improvement in that aspect.

7. Kudos to Pease! He has done an outstanding job in a short period of time in installing some portion of his offense. The entire offense looked confidant, especially the quarterbacks. He has done an outstanding job with them.

8. It is the truth. I’m not sure there is any separation between the two right now, at least visible to a fan. That is why Will Muschamp was back there, as he said, to see how they managed the huddle and game, etc. I think he is searching for separation.

Great foundation to build on.