DAY 2B:  One on one with Drew Miller

Gator Country goes one on one with Offensive Lineman Drew Miller about how close the team has gotten to each other, especially the linemen, the physical conditioning on the field, and more…

Mark McLeod: We’ve been hearing how close the team has grown. How close are you with some of the other guys?

Drew Miller: “All of the O-Linemen are real tight. Everything we do, we hang out- whether it’s the movies, fishing, hanging out, anything. We’re just usually around each other. This is tightest the O-line has been since I’ve been here.”

Mark McLeod: Have you been up to Jim Tartt’s place fishing or hunting?

Drew Miller: (laughs) “Yeah, I’ve been up to Sopchoppy a few times. It’s quite an experience. I room with him. He’s a crazy guy.”

Mark McLeod: You were a power lifter throughout high school. Have you seen a change in your own body the past year or so?

Drew Miller: ““For sure. In high school I was mainly Olympic lifting. I only did bench for football workouts. Here we don’t do as much Olympic lifting, just the cleans. It’s more power stuff. My bench has gone up 110 pounds since high school. It’s up to 430 pounds now.”

Mark McLeod: When I was down at (Sarasota) Riverview interviewing you, Coach (John) Sprague said that he believed your strong Olympic lifting background (more than the traditional lifting programs) was going to tremendously benefit you at this level and beyond. Was his assessment on?

Drew Miller: “Definitely. It creates the quick, explosive movements. I believe it’s the reason I’m here. You continue that with the clean and clean pulls. We just don’t do the snatch. We pretty much still do all of that stuff and incorporate all the power, bench, and heavy squats.”

Mark McLeod: You’ve been working alongside Ronnie Wilson. Are you guys at the point where you’re really comfortable working together?

Drew Miller: “He’s a young guy and so far he’s been unbelievable in how he has stepped up. I’m a veteran, so every once in awhile I have to help him out. Plus, I played guard, so I understand both positions. So far, we’ve gelled pretty good in two-a- days. At the end of spring, I thought we were really working real well together.”

Mark McLeod: What area of your game do you feel needs addressing?

Drew Miller: “Right now, I’d say since were just into the season, probably fatigue and conditioning. You know, when I get tired I know that I have to keep my technique proper. Don’t let my technique fall. I know all of my assignments. The only way I’m going to get beat right no ids when I let my techniques slide and start bending my waist or something like that.”

Mark McLeod: Fatigue is usually the number one reason why guys fail to use proper technique.

Drew Miller: “That’s true. No kidding. If you’re a good lineman, the only time you’ll get out of it is when you’re tired.”