DAY 1A: Five questions with Chas Henry

Rumors were already spreading from summer workouts that Chas Henry had a cannon of a leg. Those rumors were confirmed on Sunday afternoon. Most fans were watching seven-on-sevens taking place on the close field, but every time Chas Henry would kick the football on the back field a different onlooker would point as his kicks sailed through the air.

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After the loss of a great punter in Eric Wilbur, it looks as if the Gators punting game will continue to be in great shape this season.

Q: “Have you been getting any advice from Eric Wilbur?”

A: “Yeah I get a lot of calls from Eric and we talk a lot,” Henry said. “I actually talk with some long snappers that used to play here. Coach Meyer has helped me out too.”

Q: “What are the coaches asking you to do as a punter?”

A: “They’re just trying to get the punt off and get a lot of hang time so we can get our guys down there and use our speed to hit them early,” Henry said.

Q: “What’s it like coming in a recruiting class this talented?”

A: “Being the #1 recruiting class, it’s just a lot of fun getting to know these guys,” Henry said. “Now we’re a family though. We’ve got less than a month now to get this thing going. We know we’ll be ready.”

Q: “Which freshman is the craziest? Which is the most serious?”

A: “I don’t know who the craziest is honestly,” Henry said. “All of us get to have a lot of fun together.”

Q: “Which freshman is the most serious?”

A: “I feel like everyone is out here on the field,” Henry said. “We all get down to business and we know what to do to be a championship program.”