Bo Williams Is The Total Package

It was a brief interview for a magazine article and just a few questions, but the response by Bo Williams was far more than expected. Not only does Williams have the size and speed to become a great back at the next level, but he’s got the silver tongue of a politician. He’s the total package and he’ll be on campus at the University of Florida in just a couple of weeks.

With DeShawn Wynn and his four years of experience graduating, the starting running back’s job is up for grabs and the competition will be wide open. Wynn gained 630 yards while averaging just under 10 carries per game during the regular season so the carries were split among a number of backs. The position just screams for someone to step it up in the spring and become the go-to guy.

When the Gators first started recruiting him, Williams wasn’t too excited about the look of the Gator offense. The 6-1, 205-pounder was intent on signing somewhere that the offense is a bit more traditional instead of Florida’s spread option. The Oakland Park Northeast running back wanted an offense with a lead blocker, something he was used to, but Williams saw the light when Florida running backs coach Stan Drayton began to show him where the Gator offense is headed.

“Coach Drayton is like a father away from home,” Williams said. “He took me into the film room and broke it down. I really wasn’t that sure. I am used to the I-formation and just pounding the ball. He explained to me that technology is changing and the style of football is changing. It’s no longer about pounding the ball in the I-formation and with the ISO play. He opened my eyes when he told me that things are happening different. He showed me how many different ways I can get the ball in my hands in the open field.”

The Gators do incorporate some of the of the old school offensive philosophies in their running game but the offense is designed to open up the field to create lanes that lead playmakers into open space. When Williams saw the possibilities, he immediately began to open up to the thought of being a Gator.

“They will run a little I-formation, but if you look at Miami, every great player that has come out of Miami lately has a busted knee,” Williams said. “If we spread the field and you give me the ball on a trap or ISO, I am going to be one on one with a linebacker. They have no choice but to cover the spread field and cover Percy Harvin or another great receiver. When they have the spread they have to respect that. I know if I can get the ball in the open field I can do some damage. I am a big guy, I can move, or I can run you over.”

Williams discovered there is plenty more to Florida than just Coach Drayton and a potentially high-powered offense. He liked the players on the team and he liked the way Coach Urban Meyer is bringing in high character players that excel on and off the field. These people trust enough in their own ability that they aren’t afraid of a little competition that will only make them better. On his official visit to Florida, Williams got a good sense that the players on this Gator team will open their arms to welcome in players that can help them achieve their goals.

“I love the players there, they are so cool,” Williams said. “They are so exciting. I took all five of my visits and the players (at Florida) are just so much more respectful. They want me to be a part of the team. I don’t want to say who but some of the places I went to the players didn’t want me because I was another All-American. At Florida it was something different. They want me to be a part of the team and help them win a national championship. I just want to do whatever I can do to help this team become more successful than it already is.”

Spoken like a true politician and the new breed of Florida football player. Bo Williams will be making his home in Gainesville in less than two weeks and there is no doubt the staff and fans will have to worry about his motivations.