Ack’s back in an expanded role with Gator Country!

For, it was a no-brainer! For years we’ve tried to bring you the best and that’s exactly why we are announcing that we will continue our long-time association with radio/television personality Brady Ackerman. Brady has not only agreed to remain a part of the Gator Country team but he will be taking on an expanded and innovative role.

We’ve brought you Brady’s excellent football analysis for years and that will continue to be a part of his role at Gator Country, but with our new, improved message boards and front page capacity, we are going to use Brady in several new roles.

In the next week, we’ll start giving you audio reports from Brady’s great radio shows — he’s on from 7-10 am each day on ESPN Radio (WMOP/AM900 Ocala and WGGG/AM1230 Gainesville) and in the afternoons he’s co-host of The Terry Bowden Show which broadcasts in Orlando and Tampa. Brady always has great guests and lively topics of discussion. We’ll get some of his interviews exclusively on Gator Country and we’ll get his opinion, particularly when the topics relate to college sports and our Florida Gators. We’re working to bring you outstanding video clips with Brady as well in the near future.

He also serves as a studio analyst for Sun Sports during college football season, as well as the Post Game analyst on all University of Florida Football games. In addition to his studio role Brady serves as the color analyst at Sun Sports for all Florida High School Football Finals games.

Brady will also continue writing for us. We’ll get opinion pieces in the summer and in the fall, you can expect more of his outstanding (and very popular) analysis which details what to look for every time the Florida Gators play and why the games were won and lost.

“Thanks to Brady’s unique knowledge and innate understanding of Gator football, he’s able to cut through the jargon and break things down to show how and why things work on the field,” said Gator Country Publisher Raymond Hines. “It’s a rare ability that’s made Brady very popular with our fans so I’m absolutely stoked to have him back and taking on an expanded role here at Gator Country.”

“We’re really excited that Brady is going to be with us,” said Franz Beard, Gator Country Managing Editor. “We would be foolish not to take advantage of his extensive contacts and his insight and opinions. We have so many new features on our new site that we can better utilize his talents, too. I think this is a great situation for our fans and subscribers.”

Ackerman said he’s happy to be back with Gator Country. It’s been a long and prosperous relationship that is certain to continue now.

“I am excited to continue to be a part of the Gator Country team,” said Ackerman. “I am looking forward to offering some insight and analysis in non-traditional ways to the site. At Gator Country I know I have the pulse of the fans and with my coaching and media background I am looking forward to putting together some exciting new content. Ray and his staff have always made me feel welcome and I am looking forward to continuing the Gator Country tradition of excellence.”

When we talked with Brady about expanding his role with our site, we found that he was excited and ready to get going with plenty of new ideas. We’re very fortunate that he’s an innovator and always looking for something new that makes his content better.

“My expanded role is going to be a lot of fun and will allow me to be more interactive with the Gator Nation,” he said. “I also plan to incorporate some of my coaching connections and radio capabilities to bring the fans with as many avenues of information as possible.”

Welcome home Brady!