RECRUITING: Top Junior Enjoys Visit to UF

One of the top prospects in the state of Florida for the class of 2008 watched the Florida Gators celebrate their National Championship. Crawfordville Wakulla linebacker Nigel Bradham has a big presence about him anywhere he goes and was even spotted amongst 70,000 Gator fans on the field.

While it may have been a bit of a surprise to see Bradham (6-2, 222) driving three hours just for the celebration, there’s more to it deep inside.

“I don’t know I have been to visit the Gators more than I have been to visit FSU,” Bradham said. There is just something I like about those guys. My friend C.J Holton (free safety) and I went down there together and we had a great time, the crowd for the celebration was excited and pumped. All the seniors got a great send off.”

Last Monday Bradham witnessed the Gators dismantle the heavily favored Ohio state Buckeyes in one of the biggest and most lopsided upsets in recent history. He wasn’t at all that surprised at the outcome of the game.

“I loved the way their defense plays, them boys can play some ball,” said Bradham. “That defense would be a great thing to be a part of. I knew they were going to go in there and dominate. They were the underdog and no one was giving them a chance. Never doubt a Florida team from any of the three schools.”

With the Gators close to filling up their 2007 class, they have already looked ahead to the juniors and targeted some of the best talent in the country. There is no doubt that Nigel Bradham is a special athlete and one the Gator staff would love to sign. They have pointed out to him just why they think he is a special player.

“They tell me they know by the way I play, my work ethic, and my dedication, that I could be a Gator,” he said about Urban Meyer and his staff’s discussions with the big time hitter. “I play with speed and power—a lot of people tell me I play like Ray Lewis.”

Also a weight lifter for Wakulla High School, Nigel Bradham is just a serious athlete with skills that could have him play several positions. His vision, speed, strength, and ability to work in traffic make him a natural prototype middle linebacker and that is precisely where the Gators are recruiting him.