RECRUITING: Hernandez Itching To Get To UF

They just don’t grow them like this in Bristol (CT) very often.’s number one tight end in the country is Aaron Hernandez (6-4, 235) and the Florida Gators are ecstatic that he will be arriving on their campus in less than a month. He is a versatile athlete that can be a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare.

With his height and size Herenandez can outmuscle defensive backs; with his speed and agility, he can make most linebackers wish they weren’t in the game. His statistics for his senior campaign pretty much sum up his ability. He had 59 catches for 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns. He didn’t even play receiver in two of the games. He missed one game with a concussion and played running back in another because the weather was so bad. In that game he ran for 122 yards. He also played full time on defense.

Hernandez said his excitement level is going through the roof with the opportunity he has to show up in Gainesville and play for the Gators. Recently he hosted a pair of Gator coaches. Coach Urban Meyer made his in-home visit with the Hernandez household, along with offensive line/tight end Coach Steve Addazio who recruits Connecticut for the Gators.

“Coach Meyer came to house last Monday with Coach Addazio,” Hernandez said. “It was great, I love being around them. We laugh a lot and have a good time. My mom thinks they are great guys and she said she wants people like them around me.”

Hernandez also keeps up with a few guys on the current Gator team, including his future roommate.

“I talked to Tim Tebow two days ago,” he said. “He is going to be my roommate. I was just asking how he was doing and congratulating him on the big game. He told me he was going to work me so hard I am going to die down there.”

As he wears his Gator colors proud at school and in the neighborhood, the local folks have been razzing him of late. The northern folks seemingly have taken sides in the big game on January 8th.

“Basically, all my friends are chanting ‘Ohio State’ to me right now,” he said laughing.

On December 31st, Hernandez will be flying into San Antonio (TX) and taking part in the US Army All- American game. He plans on bringing his own crowd.

“Thirty people from my family are going to San Antonio and 10 friends are also going,” he said.

After the game, he flies from San Antonio to Gainesville to begin his first week as a college student. He is ready to get to work with Tebow and company and make himself a household name as soon as he can.

“I will just try and do whatever, whatever that is I will do it,” he said. “I just want to make plays.”