Recruiting mailbag

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are this week’s recruiting questions and our most accurate answers based on the information we’ve got available at the moment.

ajoseph: Have you heard from the recruits how the coaches are “messaging” the pitiful showing by our team? We are told by Muschamp that there will be changes, but what kind of “change” are the recruits told they are coming? Is there any word from the recruits about assistants being replaced?

AS: None of the recruits have mentioned coaching changes to me at all. The coaches are telling the offensive recruits that they need more playmakers to help turn things around.

MrB-Gator: Are we going to sign a fullback this year? If so, who are the candidates?

AS: Right now it doesn’t look like a fullback will be signed until the 2015 recruiting class.

Brandongator: Obviously there is cause for concern on the recruiting front with the play of our team. Are there any current commits that you see withdrawing from this class because of our play? If yes, who are the most likely to decommit? (Please don’t say Cook or Lane!!)

AS: Right now I don’t see any decommits. The biggest question mark is JC Jackson but I don’t see him going anywhere honestly.

Gator2641: What are our chances with Bo Scarbrough?

AS: As long as he visits like he plans too then I like Florida’s chances.

74gator: How many will enroll early? Who are the candidates?

AS: Will Grier, Dalvin Cook, Duke Dawson and Nolan Kelleher are all scheduled to enroll early.

74gator: We have glaring needs on offense….RB with speed, 2 WR with size and speed and two OT that have a chance to play next year? Will these needs be met?

AS: Dalvin Cook meets the speed portion and Ermon Lane meets the receiver portion but there is a need for another receiver. Two offensive tackles that start next year is likely not to happen out of this class.

74gator: Any top JUCO OL out there that are non-committed?

AS: There are a few but right now Florida hasn’t moved on them yet.

gator_nica: Do you think Grier is given a chance to rep with the 1st team during Spring ball, or is he still redshirting?

AS: He will have every chance to earn the job there is no doubt about that. Every player is given an opportunity to start but I think it’s highly unlikely he starts next year.

gator_nica: What’s the latest on E. Lane? Is he still solid to UF?

AS: Yes he’s still solid to Florida and Will Muschamp will see him on Friday.

Gator1986: Maybe we should of taken Ira Denson.

AS: He’s out for the year so I’m not sure how he would have helped this year.

74gator: Any chance of swaying Montel McBride from Bama? They are now starting to recruit Jordan Sims who would be their 7 OL commitment.

AS: Florida has really never had interest in McBride and that hasn’t changed.

Buckslayer50: Any news on Damian Prince? We turning the heat up on any other o-line recruits?

AS: Prince still plans to visit Florida for the FSU game I’m told but this will be his first visit to Florida. I still think Maryland is in good shape here but the Gators are giving him something to think about.

Supagator: If Texas fails to get Saban, would Muschamp consider that job in your opinion?

AS: I’m sure he would consider but I don’t see him leaving Florida unless he’s forced out which I don’t see happening right now.

Supagator: How about a mock class?

AS: I plan to release my first mock class next Thursday, November 1.

Agmetcalf: Hand recently had comments about Florida and their recent losses. Can you elaborate on what he had to say about UF? and if the losses effect him at all?

AS: Deshawn Hand will visit Florida for the Vanderbilt game and he likes Brad Lawing but right now he’s a longgggggg shot to Florida.

Panhandlegator70: How many oline will they take? why have they had such a hard time signing oline? we need 10 in this class. after the Miami slap on the wrist will we start using the same tactics other programs use to get players (Miami, FSU Ole Miss, Clemson, Tennessee,  Alabama, Auburn)? are we too ethical or too cheap? I am kidding — sort of.

AS: 5-6 offensive linemen is the goal. Lol. I’m not getting into that NCAA mess sorry.

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