Hollywood Bob’s Pre-FNL Private Screening

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It is less than a week away from Friday Night Lights and prospects at certain positions seem to be falling off the recruiting board left and right. Even so, the Florida Gators are poised to have the best lineup of high school talent on a campus at one time in a long time and a good night from several players could go a long way in sealing the deal for the class of 2008. In all, 17 of the 27 members of the 2007 class attended Friday Night Lights in 2006, so it’s importance can’t be overstated.

Over at the SOW we saw the first chink in their armor this week and we will discuss a few more chinks this writer thinks may be coming. Hollywood Bob also brings you the newest Gator Country Hot 50 in this pre-Friday Night Lights Hollywood Bob Private Screening.

First, let us talk about the team and a couple of things that we know are going on. The Orlando Sentinel caught up with Jon Demps at Avery Atkin’s funeral this weekend and kind of clarified Demp’s situation with the team a bit. Demps, who is Avery’s cousin, believes he will be back on the team and in my last screening I hinted that may be the case when one of my sources kind of hemmed and hawed when answering a specific question of his possible return. I think he will be on the roster and he will bring a healthy dose of maturity to a very young linebacker corps, if anything. I don’t think this really effects what the staff was going to take at linebacker simply because they had to have known it was a good possibility he would be back all along.

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