Harris has the “home coach” advantage

Brandon Harris doesn’t have to go far to get the best possible advice about football. It’s the same place he gets advice about everything else in life — from his dad. Brandon Harris is a star cornerback at Booker T. Washington in Miami where his dad has been the head coach the last four years. Brandon thinks it’s the best of both worlds to have his dad as his head coach.

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“I think it is an advantage to me, since I am around the coach all the time,” Brandon said. “We watch a lot of game film at home and I get to have some extra talks about football at home. Plus, when I am on the field I don’t really see him as my dad, I see him as my coach.”

The extra coaching combined with great work ethic and tremendous athleticism has helped the 5-10, 178-pounder become a highly coveted prospect. He’s got his pick of offers from top schools and while he won’t name favorites, there are five schools that seem to have grabbed his attention. Harris talked about what appeals to him about each school.

MIAMI: “It is in my hometown and that is a great thing. They have a new coaching staff this year and they are bringing in a lot of top recruits from Dade County. They are really trying to get things together.”

FLORIDA: “They won the national championship last year and they aren’t stopping now. When I went on my unofficial visit, I liked the weight room. They are continuously doing things to get better and better.”

RUTGERS: “They are turning their program around with Coach (Greg) Schiano. They are bringing in a lot of talent from different places. When I went up there I enjoyed my stay.”

LSU AND OHIO STATE: “I haven’t been to either one yet, but I am looking to probably take an official visit to both. I’ve just had a chance to talk to the head coaches from each school and they have said some good things about their programs and the ways they develop players.”

Harris has been planning to attend Friday Night Lights in Gainesville but for awhile it seemed those plans were torpedoed.

“I am taking a summer class so I can graduate in December and we aren’t suppose to miss class unless it is an emergency,” Harris said. “But, I asked for approval to miss class and they said it was okay. So, I will be there for Friday Night Lights.

Harris said Miami and Florida have been recruiting him the hardest and he has been very impressed with the Gators coaching staff.

“I talk to a lot of the Florida coaches” Harris said. “They are very nice people and they are really all on the same page. I talked to all the coaches on different times during my visit and they all pretty much told me the same things. They are really organized and really on same page about winning another championship.”

Harris said he sees a lot of similarities between the coaching staffs at Florida and Miami.

“They both are very competitive,” he said. “The coaches want to win every drill, so you see the offensive and defensive coaches going at it.”