Gators Recruiting Mailbag: 11/15/12

In this week’s edition of the Maibag, GC’s Andrew Spivey provides the latest on where the Florida Gators stand with several junior college players on both the offensive and defensive lines.

Spivey also answers questions on whether the Gators will see some of their underclassmen enter the NFL and how 18 departing seniors will affect scholarship numbers.

Q.) On paper, which other recruiting classes look very strong at this point?

A.) Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame and Southern California all have good classes.

Q.) Can you list the Gator verbal commits and possibles that are scheduled to play in the Army All American Bowl in S.A.?

A.) Ahmad Fulwood, Nick Washington, Daniel McMillian, Jordan Sherit (won’t play though), Jalen Ramsey, Laremy Tunsil and Marquez North.

Q.) What are our chances with the Juco DL and OL prospects?

A.) Darious Cummings will visit Florida this weekend and I think Florida has a really good shot at him and his teammate Jarran Reed, who recently de-committed from North Carolina. On the offensive line, Trenton Brown and Florida are in really good shape.

Q.) Can you talk more about the JUCO players we have targeted and give your personal opinion on them, like if they’re plug and play or they may need a little time?

A.) Darious Cummings and Trenton Brown, in my opinion, are guys that can play from Day 1. Brown is athletic at tackle and very good on his feet for such a big guy. Jarron Reed may need a year before he is able to contribute a whole lot.

Q.) Do you see the only way we sign a 5th WR is through the JUCO ranks?

A.) Yes, I don’t see another high school player in this class at receiver and quite honestly I’m not sure a JUCO will be in this class either.

Q.) And do we have a legit shot at the FB from Lake Gibson (can’t remember his name)?

A.) Yes, there is legit interest between Kennard Swanson and Florida.

Q.) When does Marcell Harris make his commitment, and how do we look with him?

A.) I’m hearing Marcell will make his commitment towards the end of November, and Florida is in great shape with him.

Q.) Is there a reason we have not put the full court press on Shaq Wiggins, is it because the staff thinks we still can flip Ramsey?

A.) Florida isn’t as high on Wiggins as a lot of people are saying. He is good but not great.

Q.) Are you still mad about the way the Braves went out?!

A.) If I saw this question earlier, I would have ignored all of your questions. But I guess it’s better to be a Braves fan than a Marlins fan.

Q.) Imo I only see Floyd and Elam going Pro from the Junior class, how about you?

A.) I think Jordan Reed is a guy to watch. I have heard he may come back, but it will depend on his draft stock. But I think Sharrif Floyd and Matt Elam will both go pro.

Q.) Is my dream of getting Ebenezer Ogundeko, Marcell Harris, and Elijah Daniel going to become a reality?

A.) Very, very possible. The only catch will be if Ebenezer decides to visit Notre Dame again after visiting Florida.

Q.) Is Ryan Green showing legit interest or is he just trying to hold FSU hostage and try and make them not take Collins?

A.) Legit interest but he also isn’t too happy about the Alex Collins situation either.

Q.) Is Kent Taylor looking more like a RS this year?

A.) Yes, I was told he looks good but still has that freshman mental wall that he hasn’t overcome. However, everyone feels very good with him moving forward.

Q.) Do you think we will start letting 2014 guys pull the trigger around NSD like this past year? Or could there be some sooner?

A.) I think you will see guys pop sooner, like in January. Duke Dawson has already said he wants to decide in January and Florida leads for him by a good bit.

Q.) What is the target number for DT the rest of the season? 2 JUCO and 1 HS?

A.) Two junior college players and one from high school would be perfect, but they would like to have at least two more added for sure.

Q.) Do you think Caleb Brantley sticks?

A.) Yes I do. He just wants a little attention, and Florida State is giving it to him.

Q.) How many running backs are we going to take in next year’s class. and how far is Dacorius Law on the list? He just got offered by USF last week. Don’t want to miss out on him.

A.) The board for running backs is still a process in the works right now but I would expect Florida to sign two backs next year.

Q.) Muschamp said 18 seniors are playing their last game. Any RS Jrs in that group who are moving on? And how does the 18 number relate to our ability to sign at least 25 this year?

A.) I don’t think any redshirt juniors will be honored on Saturday, and Florida is still on pace to sign 25 or more this year.

Q.) Can you tell us how some of the redshirts are doing….such as Bryan Cox, Jeremi Powell, Marcus Maye, Rhaheim Ledbetter, etc.?

A.) I’ve heard nothing but good things about all of them. I’m told Ledbetter and Maye have been doing well and the staff loves both of them on special teams. Cox I heard was getting a lot better on the defensive line and Powell is still trying to gain weight.

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Andrew Spivey
Andrew always knew he wanted to be involved with sports in some capacity. He began by coaching high school football for six years before deciding to pursue a career in journalism. While coaching, he was a part of two state semifinal teams in the state of Alabama. Given his past coaching experience, he figured covering recruiting would be a perfect fit. He began his career as an intern for, covering University of Florida football recruiting. After interning with Rivals for six months, he joined the Gator Country family as a recruiting analyst. Andrew enjoys spending his free time on the golf course and watching his beloved Atlanta Braves. Follow him on Twitter at @AndrewSpiveyGC.