FNL: Ramon says rumors are false

After Ramon Buchanan’s visit to Friday Night Lights, he immediately saw rumors spreading like wildfire that he had switched his commitment to Florida. He did not know where these rumors surfaced from however; as he says he is still committed to the University of Miami.

Ramon Buchanan made the trip to Gainesville for one of the most widely known camps for high school football players to get some of the best coaching possible. When he left Gainesville Saturday afternoon, he saw rumors already beginning to swirl that he had switched his commitment.

“It was good,” Buchanan said. “Some people were starting rumors that I switched de-committed from Miami and committed to Florida though.”

What about these rumors though? Is there any chance that the Palm Bay High School linebacker did change his decision?

“No sir, I didn’t do that. All the rumors that people started about that were false.”

Regardless of where Buchanan is currently committed, that will not stop plenty of top schools offering him. Even though some people question the linebacker’s size at 6-1, 190-pounds, no one can question the hitting ability that he brings to the table.

Though he did not stand out physically on Friday night, onlookers could see the potential almost oozing out of him. Once Buchanan gets into a college program and puts some weight on, he will be a terror who gets in every offensive backfield.

He showed outstanding footwork on Friday night, but most impressive to me was how he was coachable. In between plenty of drills, Buchanan was talking with Coach Strong about things he could do to get better.

Even though Buchanan remains committed to the Hurricanes, don’t think that means the Gators will back off him.