ATH Cyrus Jones will visit Florida

LAKE BUENA VISTA — When you think of Disney World, things like Mickey Mouse or Cinderella’s Castle or magical firework shows often come to mind. Chances are, you’re not thinking football. This weekend at Disney, great football is what you’ll find. ESPN Wide World of Sports is hosting the Gridiron Kings tournament – a 7-on-7 for the country’s elite high school football players.

One standout from the tournament is Cyrus Jones. The 5-foot-11, 183-pound athlete from Baltimore has continued to impress with his speed and play-making ability. Even more impressive than his stats is his humble demeanor. For Jones, the tournament is about a lot more than just making plays.

“It’s just been great being around all the guys, all the top players in the country, and getting to know people, just building relationships, because you never know, you might be playing some of these guys in college,” he said. “It’s the top guys in the country, so the competition is at a real high level, the highest level, so it’s just fun getting a chance to get out here and compete with the best.”

Jones has too many offers to count and hasn’t started thinking about a top five, but he is quite fond of the University of Florida.

“I’m real interested in Florida,” Jones said. “I think the type of player I am on offense, I would fit right in there into their style of play. Can’t wait to get a visit out there.”

If all goes as planned, Jones will visit Florida before summer is over, but if that doesn’t happen, he said he’ll definitely take an official visit there this fall.

Jones has gotten close with Florida running backs coach Brian White.

“He’s a real cool guy, I talk to him on a consistent basis, so I’m building a good relationship with him,” Jones said.

It was easy to see the excitement in Jones’ eyes when he talked about his conversations with White and the ways he could contribute at Florida.

“He really wants me, he thinks I can fit well into their style of play, that they’re a great academic school and they can offer me more than just football, so I like that,” Jones said. “They run a pro-style offense with a little bit of spread mixed in, they give the playmaker some ballin’ space, and that’s what I am. (I could) just be a playmaker out there.”

Beside Florida, Jones also likes Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Maryland, Penn St, Virginia Tech, and Virginia. He’ll play in the Under Armour Game, and plans to announce his decision then.

ATH Derrick Woods likes Gators

Derrick Woods really likes Florida, but it’s been a while since he’s heard from any of the coaches there.

“We haven’t talked in a minute, since they came to see me,” Williams said. “I don’t remember the date, but it’s been a minute.”

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound wide receiver from Inglewood, Calif., still has Florida in his top five, along with Alabama, Washington, USC, and Oregon. He plans on taking one of his official visits to Gainesville. He said there are a lot of things to like about Florida.

“I like the uniforms and the stadium,” Woods said. “The coaches, for me, they’re great. That’s always good for me. As long as the coaches are great and the players are good kids, then we can flow.”

Woods plans on making his final decision at the U.S. Army All-American game, and he’s really not too stressed about it.

“I see myself fitting in anywhere, as long as I know the playbook and I have a good connection with everybody that’s there everything’s going to be great,” Woods said.

“I just want to work with people that push me so I can get better and work hard.”

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