A couple of new schools after Beal

Everything is new these days for Brendan Beal. He’s in a new school, with new friends, new football teammates and a brand new position. The new school, new friends and new teammates are all part of a far reaching plan that will help Beal graduate early so he can enroll in the college of his choice in January. While the new position wasn’t part of the original plan, even that will have long range benefits.

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Beal has transferred to Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and that will allow him to graduate early so he can get a head start on the typical college freshman football player. Playing a new position might also help him at the next level because he’s having to learn a lot of new things.

“We are running a 5-3 so I am playing SAM linebacker on the strong side and going up against the tight end which is new for me,” Beal said. “I am a natural MIKE linebacker, but this is a great experience. It might help me get on the field in college faster and now I can show my athletic ability covering the tight end.”

When Beal arrived at Liberty, he didn’t know what to expect but the adjustment has been made easily. His new teammates and friends made him feel right at home.

“They welcomed me with open arms and they know what I bring to the table so it should be a pretty exciting season,” Beal said.

Now that the August dead period is over Beal has begun to hear from coaches again, with Florida and LSU contacting him the most.

“I kind of missed it,” he said. “But, now it is good to hear from coaches and get good advice from them.”

For a long time it seemed to be between Southern Cal and Florida for Beal, but he said a new team has jumped up and is about equal with those two.

“I would say Boston College is up there with Florida and USC,” Beal said.

Beal has a pretty busy schedule during the next two weeks as he will visit Boston College this weekend and then Florida for the Tennessee game on September 15. He is looking forward to both trips and talked about why he is exciting to see the Gators play the Tennessee Vols.

“It will be my first time in The Swamp to see a game,” he said. “I have been there and saw the highlight tape and that was just incredible itself, but with 92,000 people screaming right on top of the field it is going to be quite an experience. I know a lot of top recruits are going to be there such as Will Hill, another New Jersey guy, so it should be a lot of fun.”

Even though USC is one of his top schools, Beal said he will not take an official visit there.

“When I went out there I had a pretty in-depth visit and with it being on the west coast it is kind of a hassle to get out there,” he said. “I really got a good feel for what they are about and what they have to offer so I don’t think an official visit is necessary.”

One other school that Beal is still considering and will take an official visit to is LSU.

“I am going to go there when they play Florida on October 6,” he said.

Beal expects that sometime soon after his trip to LSU he will announce his future plans. Ideally he would like to do it on his birthday, October 12.

When he narrowed down his list of schools Beal focused on academics, Wall Street connections and playing early. Now that all of his schools meet his criteria, he has new factors he will consider.

“What it is really going to come down to, because all of these schools are very similar, is on my official which school I am most comfortable at, which school I love and where I feel at home with the players and coaches,” Beal said.