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Kenny Boynton let his game do all the talking this week. Since April, one recruiting service or another has touted guards like John Wall (6-3, 180, Raleigh, NC Word of God Academy, #7 ESPN Top 100) or Abdul Gaddy (6-3, 170, Tacoma, WA Bellarmine Prep, #14 ESPN Top 100) or Dominic Cheek (6-5, 175, Jersey City, NJ St. Antony’s, #5 ESPN Top 100) or Leslie McDonald (6-5, 200, Memphis, TN Briarcrest Christian, #8 ESPN Top 100). Those are all very good players, no doubt about it, but what Boynton did at Reebok U this week clearly established him as the true top gun among guards.

It hasn’t been just one facet of Boynton’s game that has stood out this week. It is the fact that he has such a handle on every single aspect that might have very well established him as the top player in the country no matter the position. Boynton can score points by the bucketloads, either from the outside where he’s lethal, or as he proved Tuesday night with a game-winning dunk with 1.1 seconds to go. He’s also proven that he can find the open teammate, handle the ball against pressure and make smart decisions. If there is one area of Boynton’s game that has been overlooked it is his defense and he stepped it up there at Reebok.

Boynton (6-2, 180, Plantation, FL American Heritage, #3 ESPN Top 100) is proving wrong the skeptics who have said he can’t survive unless he’s taking all the shots. There is no question that he can fit into a team framework and thrive. He’s got that ability to make every one of his teammates better when he takes the court.

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