Dynamic duo of the Florida Gators basketball team

By: Jenna Ladd

The Gator Nation has known of Devin Robinson and Chris Chiozza (otherwise known as Chi-Rob) since 2014, but the dynamic duo have known of each other since the summer of 2012. The two met on the court after attending the same invitational camps such as the LeBron James Skills Academy and the Kentucky Derby.

Despite living over 800 miles apart, the two hit it off well enough to stay connected as they continued high school play. When it came time for committing to a university at the next level, C Chiozza was the first of the two to commit to the Florida Gators basketball program.

“Chris was someone who helped convince me to commit to Florida,” says Robinson. “Knowing that we would play together really weighed a lot into my decision to come here.”.

Since the two arrived on campus, they have been inseparable. “Out of the 24 hours in a day, we’re together like 23… and in that one hour DRob is still there in spirit,” Chiozza says.

A lot of these 23 hours are mandatory time spent together at practices and meetings, but Robinson says that they often go back to the gym to get extra shots in and push each other when necessary.

“When one of us starts to slack off, the other is there to push us to try harder. We know that if we want to win games this year, we can’t have the same sense of entitlement as last year,” Devin admits.

One of their favorite ways to bond and help each other is by going to get food together.

“It’s our favorite thing to do for fun, when we’re bored we’ll be like ‘Yo, lets go get some food,’” Chris says.

The two clearly have been eating as they’ve both managed to put on much needed weight and gained 15 pounds each since last season.

However, they are still young men who enjoy having fun outside of basketball as well. The two love just getting a chance to relax at home and can be found playing video games like NBA 2k, watching Netflix or playing with their pup, Kobe. That is, when they aren’t working on keeping up with the latest dance crazes.

All of this time together means the two know each other quite well. Chris informs us that Devin loves “High School Musical”, taking selfies and Justin Bieber. “He absolutely loves the Biebs – the way he dresses, his music – I really do not get it,” Chiozza says of his roommate.

After Chris gave up some dirt on Devin, Drob shoots back with, “Yeah, well he’s half Italian and does not like pizza! Who can trust someone who does not like pizza?!”

He also let us know that Chris loves “Family Guy” and that despite what everyone thinks that he can actually dunk.

Chiozza and Robinson have both been selected to participate in the dunk contest at Gator Madness on Friday, October 2 and while everyone was excited for DRob, a lot of fans were confused as to why Chiozza was included in the competition.

“No one expects it from him, but he’s got ups,” Robinson said of his 6’0″ teammate. “I really do want him to win just so that he can show everyone what he is capable of.”

Hopefully their friendship can translate to on-court chemistry and result in some impressive play this year. For all of the Gator fans itching to get a glimpse of this duo and the rest of the team, be sure to attend Gator Madness at 9 p.m. in the Stephen C. O’Connell Center on Friday, October 2. It is free of charge and features a dunk contest, three-point shooting contest and appearances from the Gator spirit squad.

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