Cory Durden a high priority on the Florida Gators recruiting board

There was a good amount of 2017 prospects that are on the Florida Gators recruiting board in attendance for the Gators’ win over East Carolina on Saturday night.

Defensive lineman Cory Durden (6-4, 287, Newberry, FL High) was one of those 2017 prospects in attendance and this was the second straight week he was in the Swamp.

“It was a good, a good game,” Durden said of his Florida visit. “The thing that stood out to me was how the team still pulled through to win the game despite all of the penalties they had.”

Durden has seen back-to-back great crowds for the Florida Gators first two games and it was something that he enjoyed seeing from the Gators fans.

“The atmosphere was crazy for both games,” Durden said. “I knew it was going to be crazy but I didn’t expect it to be like that. It was crazy. I liked to see that from the crowd and the atmosphere.”

Defensive line coach Chris Rumph has been hyping up his defensive line to Durden all summer long and the 2017 prospect has taken notice of their play this season so far.

“The defensive line did good. I talked to Jonathan [Bullard] this morning [Sunday morning] and was talking to him about it, he played good,” he said. “The defensive line was ‘eating’ out there. I like Coach Rumph and the way the defensive line has been playing too.”

Rumph and Florida head coach Jim McElwain have made sure to let Durden know that he’s a top target on the Florida Gators recruiting board for next year and they gave him few things to think about on Saturday night.

“Coach Rumph just keeps telling me to work hard and to win every rep in my games,” Durden said. “I got to talk to Coach McElwain last night [Saturday night] and he was explaining to me how Gators take of Gators. He was also explaining how the University of Florida is a family and stuff like that.”

Durden has been to Florida back to back weeks now but another instate rival is the school leading the back in his recruiting but the Florida Gators will get two more opportunities to impress him this season.

“Florida State is still my leader but Florida is number two right now,” he said. “I honestly couldn’t tell you what Florida needs to except to just keep recruiting me. I’m going to be at Florida for the Tennessee and Ole Miss games.”


INSIDERS TAKE: Durden is a top defensive line prospect for 2017 and the Gators are doing a good job of getting him on campus for games. Florida Gators defensive line coach Chris Rumph will continue to work hard to keep Florida on Durden’s mind.


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