Behind enemy lines: Breaking down the matchups

In our second and final part of our Tennessee edition of Behind Enemy Lines, Vince Ferrara breaks down who will have the advantage on Florida Field this Saturday. We split the matchups into four groups and Vince was nice enough to go through each one for us and break them down from a Tennessee viewpoint.

When Tennessee runs:

Vince Ferrara: It depends on what Tennessee does. I think from an ability standpoint, Tennessee should have an advantage over anybody when they run because of the offensive line. I just haven’t seen them play up to their ability nor run the ball in the type of ways that would make them most successful. I think their running plays out of the zone read have been slow developing and their running backs have been slow getting to and through the hole.

I would give Florida the advantage right now because of their defensive line even though on paper it probably shouldn’t be that way.

When Tennessee passes:

VF: When Tennessee passes Florida definitely has the advantage. Clear advantage. Tennessee’s receivers and quarterbacks have been so inconsistent and Tennessee doesn’t have much of a threat. They haven’t been able to throw down the field successfully that much. The passing of the quarterback, the receivers not being fine-tuned in their route running or getting off press-coverage and some drops as well. Florida has NFL corners in the secondary and I think they have a distinct advantage.

When Florid runs

VF: You have to see what you get from Matt Jones and also the offensive line getting some guys back. Tennessee has a massive human being in the middle in Daniel McCullers but he has not even come close to playing up to his potential and his size. He’s 6’8”, 351-pounds and really should be pushing guys around and being so much more dominant than we have seen. They’ve also lost a couple guys on the defensive line and Trevarris Saulsberry, McCullers backup, has actually been playing better than McCullers and he’s out now 3-to-6 weeks with a knee injury from the Oregon game. So there’s limited depth and you have some underachieving on the line and I just think with Florida getting some people back on the offensive line and the ability that Matt Jones has, you have to give Florida the advantage here.

When Florida passes

VF: I will go Tennessee because I have seen them be much improved this year. I don’t know if there is enough of an improvement in the passing game for Florida. I know Driskel has had some moments but he’s also turned it over. I actually expected him to make a bigger jump and show more improvement. They flashed some, but not in spectacular fashion.

They have talent; I know they have four and five star guys, a bunch of them at receiver. So maybe that won’t be the weakness next year and in years to come but right now, with the veteran presence in the secondary at safety and two corners who have done a pretty nice job, with the expectation of Oregon. So I think they have a slight advantage over Florida here.

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